Yes.. I am proud to be BLACK

May be you are beautiful, that’s what people always quark,

But, I feel sorry b’coz your heart is so dark.

People run after you as your puppets,

To run your errands, full of buckets.

Some are like you, but some really care,

They dream of you in their morning prayer.

I don’t know why your talks are so wishful,

But, next time you speak to me, please be really careful.

You can comment on anyone and then laugh and grin,

But, you are no one to comment on the color of my skin.


You talk of your class, and show useless attitude,

And speak to people with no respect and gratitude.

Yes, I was born dark and proud to be so,

And I never want to get that color of the snow.

I love people, not the color of their skin,

And make friends who are not so selfish and mean.

You told me that I can never get a beautiful wife,

A suggestion to you, first ‘Go and Get a Life!!’


You need to go to an asylum, where someone needs to teach,

B’coz, till now you have just learnt how to bleach.

People like you are a burden to the society,

As you consider everyone as your father’s propriety.

Remember everyone cannot be smart and beautiful,

It’s the inner beauty that makes a person wonderful.

Your beauty will grow old and will one day fade away,

But, it’s the inner beauty that will remain always.


Ten years down the line, you will start getting wrinkles,

With each passing day, as every star twinkles.

You may not have cash, neither those smart ass,

Your whole life will come to you in a flash.

You will wonder why all your friends turned out to be fake,

At that very moment, your heart will break.

You will then know what inner beauty means,

But, may be it will be too late to cover your sins.

Lord made you beautiful for a reason,

Not to humiliate others at your exhibition.


Life is short and is really beautiful,

But, a person like you makes it no fruitful.

Throw your ego and attitude in some bin,

And don’t judge people by the color of their skin.

Respect and treat everyone equally and true,

Don’t dare to speak it again, or I will sue.

I am not here to teach you what you lack,

I just want to tell you that “I am proud to be BLACK”.

All That I want from my Life..



Sitting down the lake, I found my life has gone fake.

All the things have changed , since the last twenty- two cakes.

Life have became bright and brilliant,

But, what I want in life is really different.

Is it only money that I want all my life,

Or a  wonderful home with beautiful wife?

I thought deep to get an answer,

Like a struggling actor and an exotic dancer.

When I was young, they told life is difficult to understand,

You should work hard to go to those foreign lands.

Where you  can enjoy your heart and shout and scream,

And earn lots of money to fulfill all your dreams.

But, no one really asked what my dream was,

The things I want and what was it’s cause.

Money was never in my dream cards,

I want to enjoy with friends on a small yard.

Where there is no logic and only fun,

And we could sit and laugh beneath the sun.

Yes, I want to go to those foreign lands,

But, with someone who will always hold my hand.

My dreams are not as big to buy a Ferrari,

But , make my mother happy with a beautiful saree.

I want to fall down, and then jump and fly,

Like those free birds in the sky.

I want to get down beneath deep sea,

And dance with fishes between water trees.

I want to scream on the peak of Mount Everest,

Like its my world, before I have some rest.

Money can buy things, but it cannot buy happiness.

I want to be happy with a little madness.

I want to love, I want to get loved.

With my truly, understanding and caring beloved.

This is all that I want from my life,

Before I get dissolved with my dear God’s knife.

Love of a Little Girl..

I don’t know from where should I begin, and where should I end,

I don’t know what should I say, and which song I should sing.

You know everything Mother, why I am writing this to you.

To tell you my story when you set me free,

A little girl’s story since she was only three.


When I was a kid, I wanted to play,

To get down the lanes, and get dirty in the clay.

To have some chocolates and those Barbie toys,

But, there was no one to hear my voice.

I  worked harder  and studied to fulfill your dreams,

And I never disturbed father with my tears and screams.

I walked with a smile beyond all fears,

But, I always wondered why you were not here.


When I grew sixteen, I started liking a guy,

In front of whom I could smile and get a little shy.

He made me feel happy, made me feel beautiful,

Like my dreams were becoming true and useful.

I loved him a lot, but there were few fears,

Father loves me more, I always thought with tears.

“Should I be a good daughter? Or Should I be a great lover? “

A question in my mind that I could answer never.



Time passed by, and one day father came with a surprise.

He found me a groom who was rich, smart and nice.

I never saw father so happy since you left.

He shouted and was happy like her daughter got the best.

I promised father that I agree by what you saw,

After a good daughter, I would be a great daughter-in-law.


Not much to say more Mother, I have my wedding tomorrow,

I am smiling and writing this to share all my sorrows.

I don’t know if my smiles and tears will rain again,

But  my feelings and love will not be the same.

I will leave my father and will not be here.

But ask your God to give the happiness of his share.

Hug me Mother for one last time,

And your daughter is strong, Please don’t cry…

Behind those stars

In the darkness of the night and silence of the dawn,

A swing was moving to and fro in the lawn.

He looked in the sky and wondered how the stars are drawn,

And behind those stars, how the life goes on?

He was broken, he was sad and things were weary,

A complain made to the Lord, with a voice of eerie.

“Dear God, I do not understand your theory,

 Why every time my unsuccessful story?”



As the swing went high up in the sky,

He felt it’s his world like with his head high.

But next moment some force pushed him down,

And he again felt like he is lost in the crowd.

His heart was broken by the one he loved,

And his dreams were shattered by everyone he trust,

He was tired by the losses and couldn’t go far,

Like every other loser, he blamed it on his stars.



Six months later, the scene was all the same,

But the night was brighter in spite of the rain.

A boy who was happy with a smile on his face,

He was ready to run now, and win the race.

The swing was again moving up and down,

Every time he was down, he pushed it hard,

And then he flied higher and higher like a bard.

Now he knew, nothing was wrong in his clown,

B’coz in life, what goes up has to come down.


Suddenly the silence was broken by a voice,

In the rheumy weather when the wind was moist.

I still miss you in the silence of this night,

I wish that we could be together and I can hold you tight.

But, things have changed now, for us the Lord has different plan,

It’s time that we move now to our own little clans.

I will love you ever and ever like I always did,

Wish you all success in your life indeed.”


Her voice faded away with her final words,

But he understood everything beyond a nerd.

Trickling drops of water enriching his soul,

His mind full of emotions, but within his control.

He did not say a word, nor shed a tear,

But he did not want the voice to disappear.

But one thing he promised to himself when the swing was down,

One day he would shine like those bright stars before he gets drown.

He would fly higher and higher with his own path of glory,

Some day he would have his own success theory…

His own success story…
















A Letter to My Mother : Please Forgive Me.

26th November,2012

Navi Mumbai,  India.

 Dear Mother,

I know you will forgive me, forgive me for not talking to you all these years, forgive me for all my mistakes, but there were reasons why I left you alone, why I couldn’t speak to you for last four years. I know you are angry with me mamma,  but you will forgive me. Time is theft, isn’t

that what they say? And time eventually convinces most of us that forgiveness is a virtue.

You always told me I was special, special one to fulfill all your dreams, special one to earn some name  and make our family the happiest one. I know you loved me more than my sister. But, I couldn’t fulfill your dreams mamma, I couldn’t buy you that sweet bungalow you always wanted beside the beach.  I couldn’t buy that luxurious car for my father. I apologize mother, I am not the special kid that you thought of all your life.

I know you are getting old mother, going through the pain of life. I know you are alone and I couldn’t be there to support you in these difficult times. I am sorry mother. I still remember that you never ate until I had my dinner and never slept before I did. I still remember the last words you told me before I left home four  years back was to come home early. I still remember that smile on your face. I couldn’t come back on time mother, in fact I never came back to you. I know you will forgive me for this.

You know mother, I never had a fight with anyone, and you always taught me so. I loved everyone and everyone loved me too. I didn’t know those people, they were strange. I smiled at them when they showed those heavy rifles at me while I was waiting for my train. I even gave them all my belongings and told they you were waiting for me, but they didn’t listen and fired. I do not know why they killed me. Sorry mother, I couldn’t come home that day on time and I know that you will forgive me for this.

I know mother that you will not cry after reading this. You never let me to do that when my girlfriends left me. There are a lot of things to be done. I am dead, wandering around and watching everything, watching you always. I will write you again if God permits me to do so, he gets cruel at times. It’s time to leave mother, I would want to be your son again in the next life if possible and fulfill all your dreams. I know that you have forgiven me for everything because you are a MOTHER.

Take care.

Your son,

Rohan Mehra

(1980- 2008)


PS: A tribute to all those mothers who lost their son in the 26/ 11/ 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Yes… I still think of you…

When the leaves are swaying in the morning air,

When the birds are chirping, far and near,

When silence is everywhere, calm and clear,

A cup of tea and time to welcome a day anew;

It’s the time, I think of you..


When a rare happy day comes like a dream,

When I want to laugh, shout and scream,

When the endless joy is an unexpected scheme,

When I want to share with someone; it’s true;

All I do is, I think of you..


When the things go dark, round and round,

When there is no way to reach the solid ground,

When I am lost in the rain of my own tears,

When I need someone to wash away all pain and fear,

In those rough times, I think of you my dear..


When the rain and the weather makes everything dusty,

The nostalgia of your love makes me feel thirsty,

When we walked for miles and miles in the way,

When I had so many things to say,

The rain brought all those memories unfold,

In the shyness and silence, our hands were hold,

I still remember, how your face was blue,

With a smile on my face, I think of you..


When chocolates and roses were the order of the day,

When we spoke all night and you fought and say:

“You will be happy if I leave you one day”,

When I laughed and laughed to your dismay,

B’coz my feelings were true and words were few,

And now all alone, I think only of you..


When the birds have sung their final song,

When no one can hear the noise of the prong,

When the cool breeze washes my face in the night,

For the good times and the bad times that we spent in our life,

You will be eternal in a song unsung,

Like those bright stars in the sky overhung.

Before the birds again starts to crew,

It’s time again to think of you..


















Broken Unbroken Words..

Out of my mother’s womb, I began to cry.

B’coz I loved darkness and my heart dry.

Since then, I locked myself behind close doors,

As I loved to be alone and lonely, with no one to roar.


Life was bright and beautiful, I was a young lad.

Had no one in my life, but I was never sad.

She came from nowhere, with the keys which no one had,

For the first time I was thankful to God and I was glad.


She taught me to smile, she taught me to laugh,

Three years together, we grew in sun and shower.

Life was fun when we were together,

There was a promise made that we would leave each other never.


Friendship between us grew stronger and stronger,

I thought, it would last seven lives longer.

But, there was a voice in my heart which was never said,

I heard some promises which she never made.


The next time I met her, I was given a final blow,

When I said “I love you” and she said “no”!!!

I then tried to relax her and make her calm,

But, she never understood, there was no soothing balm.


I tried to stop her and pleaded not to go,

But, she never made her any steps slow.

There was a storm in my head which was ready to rain,

B’coz there was nothing left, except an incurable pain.

I cried a night longer till my heart was dry,

As she had already said, her final goodbye.


Things are worst like never before,

With chaos and uproars, I am back behind the same old doors.

She came in my life to make everything bright,

And now she left with almost no light.


Everything is once again dark and grey,

And now there is no hope, there is no ray.

B’coz, dreams don’t last for longer they say,

I knew, I would be broken into pieces one day.  


Now, her life has changed a gear,

And I have no one to wipe my tears,

It’s time for me to disappear,

It’s time for me to disappear….